video – Flaschenspiele Party - Flaschenspiele Party [Read more…]

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Scooters and Sunflowers and Nudists, Oh My!

Scooters and Sunflowers and Nudists – funny an beautiful video from Candid-HD. This energetic group of naturists shows that you can enjoy the freedom of nudism in many more places than just the nudist beach. Join these naturists of all ages as they practice the nudist lifestyle at home, in a beautiful sunflower field, and even on scooters!

Scooters and Sunflowers and Nudists, Oh My - screenshot [Read more…]


St.Patrick’s Day Sauna –

Group of naturist friends and families met at the sauna to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with games, singing and dancing, splashing, and fun. The group of light-hearted nudists starts with some funny massages and wet pool games.
St.Patrick’s Day Sauna - screenshot [Read more…]


Wet Games, Charades, and Paints

Join this naturist Mom, with family and friends, for morning fun and games! These female nudists beat the summer heat with some wet games on the beach, including water balloon toss and fill the bottle.
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First Day of School 2

Join this large group of nudist students, Moms, and friends as they celebrate the first day of school! It’s the final long weekend of summer, and school starts tomorrow – so the girls have one last summer celebration to mark the occasion.
First Day of School 2 - Candid-HD [Read more…]


Family Barbeque 1

Join this large group of nudists for a fun summer B-B-Q! Camera crew enjoyed a beautiful summer day with this group of nudist families and friends, as they celebrated the naturist lifestyle with a B-B-Q feast and lots of light-hearted fun and games.
Family Barbeque 1 - screenshot [Read more…]


Candid Family Nudism Part 1

Candid Family Nudism Part 1 - screenshot [Read more…]

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